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On-Demand Switch Starts Generator Automatically
A new load-sensing control switch from HM Lectronic starts a gas-powered generator automatically at full speed when it senses a demand for power.
    “Powering water pumps and small appliances are the main uses for my load sensor,” says Henry Miller, HM Lectronic. “When water pressure gets low, the switch connecting the pump to the generator closes. The load sensor detects it and signals the generator to start at full speed with the eco-throttle off.”
    Miller explains that there is a warm-up delay of about 10 seconds before the generator takes the load and begins pumping water. Four seconds later, the engine speed drops to the level needed. When the water pressure reaches its set point, the pump switches off, and the load sensor shuts down the generator.
    “If used on a light circuit, you just have to wait 10 seconds for the lights to come on,” says Miller. “When you hit the switch to shut off the lights, the generator will shut down 10 seconds later.”
    Miller’s Load Sense Control can be set up to work with any auto-start generator, but is totally “plug and play” with his own Auto Start systems, both wired and wireless.
    Another feature of Miller’s system is its automatic/non-automatic split phase for use with battery-powered systems. It allows a battery charger wired through the non-automatic phase to kick in when battery power for a pump or other use gets too low. If the power draw exceeds the ability of the charger to maintain battery power, the load sensor switches to automatic.
    “When the sensor kicks over to automatic, the generator kicks in,” explains Miller. “When the load demand falls off, and the batteries are recharged, the load sensor shuts the generator off and switches back to non-automatic.”
    Miller sells and installs most load sensors and auto-starts systems on the Honda generators he sells. About 30 percent of his business is with other Honda generator dealers. However, anybody can order load sensors and auto-start systems directly from him.
    “I would recommend you work with a knowledgeable electrician,” says Miller. “Just give me a call for prices and a recommendation for your uses.”
    Miller also offers a choking servo for automatic choking, wireless remotes and other products in a print or digital catalog available on request.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, HM Lectronic, 11340 W 700 S, Millersburg, Ind. 46543 ( hmlektronic@pcfreemail.com).

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