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Simple Kiln Cuts Wood Drying Time
George Tyler, Louisa, Va.,     came up with a simple, low-cost way to speed up the process of drying firewood using a simple solar kiln.
    He sets up a tent of clear reinforced plastic with 1 cord of firewood stacked inside. The plastic is attached with plastic cable ties to a frame made of metal tubing. An opening is cut into one side of the plastic. The corners of the frame are anchored in poured concrete.
    “Almost as soon as I started using it, I noticed condensation forming at the top so I installed a pair of vents at one end to eliminate the moisture buildup,” says Tyler. “In the past, I covered my firewood with a tarp but it took about 6 mos. to dry. I’ve been using this solar kiln for 3 years now, and it has reduced the drying time by half. It now takes only about 3 mos. for green wood to dry. On a sunny winter day, it’ll get up to about 115 degrees inside the kiln.”
    The lightweight, chrome-plated tubing that Tyler used for the frame came from a local museum where it had been used as part of an exhibit. It came in 6-ft. lengths that were threaded at one end. He used screw-in “globes” to connect the corners. “The tubing screws into holes in the globes, which allows it to be set up at any angle that I want,” says Tyler.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George Tyler, 2387 Mt. Airy Rd., Louisa, Va. 23093 (ph 540 967-5401; gtyler6@juno.com).

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