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Dry-As-A-Bone Hay Feeder Built Into Barn
Carson Mixon’s two white mules love his “inside” big round bale feeder that he built into the corner of his barn.
  Like most people feeding just a few head of livestock, he was tired of the wet, moldy hay and mud that builds up around conventional ring-type bale feeders.
  To eliminate that problem, he built a bale-sized compartment into the corner of his barn with two large feed openings to the outside. The bale, which is loaded into the feeder from inside the barn with tractor forks, rests on a wood floor. To keep the mules dry while feeding, Mixon built a small roof over the openings.
  “Hay never gets wet or touches the ground. No waste at all any more,” says Mixon.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Carson Mixon, 7909 Highway 110 W., Hortense, Ga. 31543 (ph 912 778-5442).

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