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Stationary Baler Wraps Material Tight
Industrial strength balers from Orkel can compact and wrap almost anything. The Norwegian-made baler takes in loader buckets of material at one end and delivers tightly wrapped bales at the other.
  “The Orkel baler makes it possible to store normally bulky materials in less space without inventory or warehousing costs,” says Lane Blount, Humdinger Equipment, the North American distributor for Orkel. “We are just beginning to market in North America and believe the individual wrap concept will become popular once the benefits are known.”
  Orkel balers have proven the nutritional benefits of their compaction and tight wrap on forage and silage for dairy cows. The technology is expected to benefit a wide range of other materials as well, such as distillers dried grains, and biomass.
  “The unit will compact most products at a rate of 3:1, but other ‘fluffy’ products will reach 5:1 compaction,” says Blount. “People are used to bulk handling of products, but wrapped bales can be palletized and shipped economically to end users. This opens up new markets for products that previously were restricted to minimum quantity orders in bulk.”
  Blount uses the example of a small livestock operation getting feed delivered by bale. It could be transported and stored without loss of integrity. He expects the solid waste industry and other industries to see similar benefits.
  Jarl Gjonnes, Orkel Compaction, reports that moisture content often falls during storage. “Fresh wood chips, shavings or sawdust are normally 45 percent moisture, but dry down to 15 to 25 percent over 3 to 6 mos. of storage in wrapped bales,” says Gjonnes. “Wet compost or manure dries out after 3 to 4 weeks. Distillers grains and other high moisture materials can be baled and stored without heating. If extremely wet, straw or corn stalks may need to be added to get a well-shaped bale.”
  The Orkel MC Compactor comes in 3 models. Bales range in size from 33 by 33 in. dia. and length to 45 by 47 in. Hopper sizes range from 3.9 cu. yards to 9.1 cu. yards. Prices range from $240,000 to $350,000.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Humdinger Equipment, Ltd., 3202 Clovis Rd., Lubbock, Texas 79415 (ph 888 999-4909; info@tana-na.com).

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