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Easy Way To Rewire For Deere 40/50 Series Starters
If you have starter problems with a 2940 Deere tractor or other 40 and 50 series tractors, Don Stewart has a suggestion. He rewires the starter circuit with low cost auto parts.
  “Deere 40 and 50 series tractors from the 1970’s can develop corrosion in the instrument panel that drains energy to the starter solenoid,” explains Stewart. “You turn the key, and the starter just clicks. It doesn’t engage. There isn’t enough power getting through to the solenoid.”
  Initially Stewart ordered a kit from Deere for close to $70. After looking it over, he realized he could use an off-road light relay kit with a 30-amp fuse. They commonly cost $5 or less at auto parts stores.
  Installing it was easy. He wired it between the safety start switch and the solenoid. He then brought a fresh 12V power cable to the relay from the battery.
  “It only takes a few amps to kick the light relay in, and then the power can flow from the battery to the solenoid,” he says. “The clean power to the solenoid engages the starter.”
  Stewart warns against bypassing the key and safety start switch altogether as he hears some have done. “You don’t want to hit the starter and have the tractor start moving,” he notes. “The light relay kit gives you clean power, but retains the safety feature.”
  Finding a lower cost way to fix his equipment is just good business to Stewart. He rebuilds hydraulic cylinders with common O-rings and other parts purchased from a local supply house. He admits it can be challenging to get the right part.
  “Sometimes it’s worth it to buy one kit from the dealer, just to get the comparable numbers for parts,” says Stewart. “Then you can go to an industrial supplier for additional replacements.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J. Don Stewart, 5620 Jerktail Rd., Hartville, Mo. 65667 (ph 417 588-0660).

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