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Uses Expanding For Power Boost Chips
“Horsepower-boosting engine chips used to be a novelty for high performance tuning,” says Chris Nielsen of Farmington, Minn. “But in recent years the technology has made big advances and now just about anyone can use them to gain extra horsepower.”
  Nielsen used to overhaul and rebuild tractor-pulling engines, so he’s no stranger to ways of ramping up horsepower. He says that today’s chips make it easy to get 10 to 20 percent more power without modifying fuel injectors or tearing an engine apart to rebuild it. Here is a recap of the latest new chips on the market:
Illinois Dyno Center is a 10-year-old company that specializes in high performance parts, installation, dyno-tuning and complete “turn-key” performance packages. IDC has diesel tuning kits for pickup trucks, semi tractors, agricultural tractors, combines, sprayers and choppers. Kits are specific to engine size, horsepower and serial number. The company’s website allows selection by products, by equipment or vehicle brand and model number or by engine size. Prices range from under $500 to more than $900 for larger engines. IDC says its products will increase fuel economy, produce more horsepower, and clean up exhaust. Some chips will allow power boost increases of 15 to 45 percent.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Illinois Dyno Center (ph 309 523-9200; www.illinoisdynocenter.org).
  Schlagel Manufacturing of Torrington, Wyo., began making tillage equipment in 1994 and quickly expanded into a wide range of other farm machinery, including power chips for Deere diesels. They sell chips that plug directly into the wiring harness of the fuel injection pump and boost horsepower by 10 to 30 percent. Chips are available for 8000 and 9000 Deere series tractors, 9000 to newer Deere combines, sprayers, windrowers and forage harvesters that have 6.8, 7.6, 8.1 and 9.0-liter engines. The chips sell for $440.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Schlagel Manufacturing (ph 888 889-1504; www.schlagel.net).
  Superchips, Inc. is a Florida company that started selling performance chips in 1983 for tuning automotive engines with fuel injection systems. Over the years, its products have evolved into chips for high performance racing, diesel trucks and farm equipment engines. The newest product from Superchips is a wireless-controlled, tablet computer-based tuning device called Vivid. It has a 4.3-in. high resolution touch screen with touch-sensitive icons that allow engine monitoring and tuning. The device connects to the diagnostic port of your vehicle, tractor or combine. The Vivid goes way beyond engine tuning because of its Android technology. Hundreds of downloadable apps let you store and play music, upload photos, access the internet, GPS, and many other functions. The engine tuning capabilities will improve mileage, increase horsepower and diagnose regular engine functions. Prices for Superchips products range from $100 for basic products to several hundred dollars for models that are “feature loaded”.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Superchips, Inc. (ph 800 227-2447; www.superchips.com).
  TS Diesel Performance offers chips for diesel pickups, semi tractors, combines, agricultural tractors, cotton pickers, choppers, farm sprayers and a wide range of construction equipment. TS Chips can be installed in 30 min. and the company says they will provide up to 15 percent fuel savings with up to 30 percent more horsepower, as well as increased torque and lower exhaust gas temperature. Horsepower and torque gain is adjustable on the go. The TS website matches its products to the brand and model of the machine or equipment and cross-references them by engine type. Prices are typically in the $500 to $600 range and the manufacturer sells the chips direct.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TS Diesel Performance (ph 877 696-4370; www.tsdieselperformance.com).

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