1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5, Page #09
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Spare parts loader

"My family calls it the "Thing" because it looks so strange. I built it 20 years ago with salvaged parts from combines, trucks, tractors and anything else I could find," says Howard Best, Oakes, N. Dak., about his home-built loader.
"I used a burned-out Oliver 25 combine front axle, a tractor final drive and a 4-speed truck transmission. The back axle was salvaged from a 1-ton truck with springs.
The 6-cyl. Ford industrial engine came from a junked combine.
The loader rides a lot smoother than a tractor due to the wider wheel-base and springs behind. The only big disadvantage was the lack of traction when empty. In winter I carry a lot of snow around to weight it down."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Howard Best, 904 Juniper Ave., Oakes, N. Dak. 58474 (ph 701 742-2004).

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5