2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #93
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Pto-Powered Pelletizer Built To Last
After years of selling imported pelletizers, Make Your Own Pellets, LLC is now building its own pto-powered pelletizer with a heavier-duty gearbox that’ll stand up to increased pellet-making torque.
“The weakest part of imported mills is the gearbox,” says Brian Dingman. “We went to a 5:1 gearbox versus the more common 3:1 design. It will make a world of difference in the amount of power applied, and the quality of the pellet produced.”
Dingman explains that the slower the die turns, the longer the material stays in the press and the more compacted it becomes. With his 5:1 worm gearbox, it has the power and torque needed to produce wood pellets from pure sawdust as well as from grass and other sources, even waste paper.
The 445 lb., 9-in. model produces 350 lbs./hr. of pellets from sawdust or up to 900 lbs./hr. of pellets from soft biomass sources. A binder additive is recommended and available from the company.
According to tests by an independent lab, Juniper tree pellets reached a density of 44.8 lbs. per cu. ft. versus a standard density of 40 lbs./cu. ft., which is what the Pellet Fuels Institute rates as “premium” pellets. At 540 rpm’s, the company produced 64 lbs. of dense Juniper pellets in less than 15 min. A 1,000 rpm pto would increase production.
The company now offers 20 or 30 hp, 3-phase electric motor configurations.
The powder-coated mill carries a one-year defective parts warranty. It’s priced at $5,795. Dingman notes that because it’s made in North America, there is no tax on it for Canadians as there is for imported mills.
The company offers a detailed publication called “Guide To Making Pellets” that explains how to make wood pellets using pellet mills. You can download it online at www.makeyourownpellets.com/guidebook.html or order a hard copy by mail. Sells for $31.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Dingman, Make Your Own Pellets, LLC, 18 Charleston Ave., 
Londonderry, N.H. 03053 (ph 603 490-3483; sales@makeyourownpellets.com; www.makeyourownpellets.com).

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