2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #93
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"Window" Splitter Mounts On Skid Steer
Matt Trelstad likes to see what he’s doing, so when he built a log splitter for his skid steer, he built it with a “window”. The design not only lets him see what he’s doing, it is stronger and more rugged than an I-beam. The design worked so well that he began making and selling them.
  Trelstad says the design lets him split wood faster than other designs. Mounted on the front of his skid steer, the splitter serves double duty. With fingertip control, he can grab a log or branch and carry it to a pile and drop it. He can even use it to hold the log off the ground while cutting to avoid an accidental dip in the dirt with the chainsaw.
  The working end is a two-stage design with a 12-in. splitter face. The narrower first stage sinks 6 in. into the wood before the wings hit. They spread the log a full 8-in.
  “The 12-in. face makes the wedge more aggressive to begin with,” says Trelstad. “Pushing the log onto the wedge makes the splitting action even faster and more aggressive.”
  While the Pro Series is designed for heavy use and fast splitting, Trelstad also offers smaller and less aggressive splitters. “They can also handle large pieces, but are specially designed to be really fast at making smaller pieces,” says Trelstad. “You have the option of using four-way splitting wings with small logs. If you take the wings off, you can use it on large pieces as well. It just isn’t as aggressive as our Pro Series.”
  Trelstad makes six splitter models. They start at $1,695 and range up to $3,795.
  The three Pro Series models have 24, 30 and 36-in. strokes. The 24-in. stroke has a 4-in. cylinder and weighs 800 lbs. The 30-in. stroke has a 5-in. cylinder and weighs 900 lbs. The 36-in. stroke also has a 5-in. cylinder, but weighs 1,000 lbs.
  The TM Heavy Duty has a more traditional I-beam design, without the window, with a 5-in. cylinder and a 30-in. stroke.
  The two Warrior Series splitters are for lighter use. Equipped with a removable 4-way splitting wedge, one model has a 4 1/2 in. cylinder with a 24-in. stroke and the other a 4-in. cylinder with a 30-in. stroke.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, T.M. Manufacturing, 1087 County Road 4 SW, Cokato, Minn. 55321 (ph 320 286-3077; matttrelstad@yahoo.com; www.skidsplitter.com).

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