2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #56
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Bore Under Roads -- Drill Shallow Wells
BorZit lays pipe or wire under roads, driveways, barns or any improvement faster with less effort.
  “It eliminates the drudgery of digging and back-filling and the need to tear up concrete, asphalt or roads,” says Jim Hill, owner. You can also install well points, drill shallow water wells, bore through dams, or develop springs. The system also bores post holes, cleans drain lines, or opens culverts.
  BorZit is powered by a 1/2-in. drill. A water hose is attached to the ball valve, providing water to lubricate the tool and moisten the soil ahead of the bore (not much water is needed). Cuttings are compressed into the sides of the hole by the rotation of the bit.
  The bit is attached to a length of 3/4-in. steel pipe. Add additional lengths of pipe until the bore is completed. On horizontal bores, remove the bit and attach what is to be left in the hole - PVC, poly or galvanized pipe, conduit or cable to the drill pipe. As the drill pipe is pulled out, the pipe or cable to remain is pulled back through the hole. The system can bore a 1 1/4, 2, 3, 5 or 7 1/2-in. hole.
  BorZit is proudly made in the U.S. and sells for $269 with a 2-in. bit. BorZit is backed by a full one-year guarantee. If you don’t save time, money and effort with our system, we will refund the purchase price.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, BorZit Systems, P.O. Box 1624, Loveland, Colo. 80539. For more information or a free brochure, call 800 803-8738. Website and eStore at www.borzit.com.

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12