2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #56
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Wide-Span Wood Buildings
“We’ve been putting up beautiful wide-span buildings for 22 years,” says Bruce Meidinger, owner of Eagle Rigid Span, a North Dakota-based company known for its innovative wood-frame buildings with clear-spans up to 120 ft. wide.
  In addition to being used as livestock barns, high-clearance machine sheds, and other farm buildings, Eagle Rigid Span structures also make an attactive, lower-cost way to put up churches, gymnasiums, schools, hockey rinks, airplane hangars, strip malls, and more.
  “What makes these buildings unique is that we can have a clear, open span of up to 120 ft. with no obstructions whatsoever and yet they cost as much as 30 percent less than conventional construction,” says Meidinger. “They’re also highly energy efficient. Because our buildings are typically framed on 2-ft. centers for the wall and ceiling joists, you can roll insulation into the already framed cavities and you’re done - unlike many metal-framed buildings that are very difficult and expensive to insulate.”
  Typical insulation is R-38 in the ceilings and R-19 in the walls. The energy savings are significant compared to more conventional buildings and, for people with environmental concerns, Meidinger points out that the buildings are built with wood, “the one building material that grows back”.
  One other huge benefit of Eagle Rigid Span buildings is that they are generally bird-proof because there’s no place for birds to roost.
  The wood framing also makes the buildings easier to finish off inside than most metal buildings. Almost any method can be used, which is why so many of them have been built as churches, schools and even office buildings in many communities across the country.
  Key to success of Eagle Rigid Span buildings is the unique method the company developed of making laminated trussed box beams. The raised center allows more usable space with lower sidewalls and no center poles to get in the way. The standard roof pitch is 3/12; however other pitches are also available.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eagle Rigid Span, Inc., 3115 E. Broadway Ave., Bismarck, N.Dak. 58501 (ph 800-279-SPAN (7726) or 701-224-1877; email: Eagle@EagleRigidSpan.com.


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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12