2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #49
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Reworked Deere Carburetor Burns Cleaner
Gary Hoefling, owner of Robert’s Carburetor Repair, says he can clean up the black smoke and fouled spark plugs common to John Deere 3010/3020 and 4010/4020 tractors with their modified Zenith carburetor. He says their carburetor also makes the gas-fueled tractors more attractive to collectors.
“Diesels in those models can’t be found,” he says. “They’ve all been grabbed by collectors. If we can make the gas models burn cleaner and burn less fuel, we can add value to them too.”
Robert’s Carb can also rework the original Zenith cast iron carburetors. After seeing their improvements, Zenith agreed to make the changes and manufacture them.
“We’ve sold just over 100 of them, and the customers can’t believe their tractors run so well.” says Hoefling. “If the spark plugs foul in two years, I’ll replace them.”
Some additional machining and a Viton fuel seal is all it takes to make these carbs work. In addition to offering the new Zenith carburetors, Robert’s Carb can also rework original, existing Zenith carburetors for the 3010/3010 and 4010/4020 and other tractors as well.
“We also get a lot of people sending in non-Deere carburetors,” he says. “If it’s made out of cast or brass and burns gas, we can fix it.”
The new replacement Zenith carburetor is priced at $850 exchange. Repair to customer’s carburetors is priced at a flat labor rate plus parts. Depending on the work required, most repairs take about 4 weeks to complete.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert’s Carburetor Repair, 1601 35th Ave W, Spencer, IA 51301 (ph 712-262-5311; robertscarb@smunet.net; or www.robertscarbrepair.com). Click on the Farm Show tab for special discounts.

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12