2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #32
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High-Priced Beans "Crushed" For Profit
For the past 5 years, Walder Farms has supplied 80 percent of its own fuel by crushing soybeans and canola. Their business, Walder Mfg., has come up with a unique system that uses 2 inexpensive presses, resulting in high bypass protein for livestock feed.
  The three biggest reasons to “double press”:
  1. A double press allows meal to exit the second press at 197 to 205 degrees for 49 percent bypass protein.
  2. A single press will yield 3/4 gal. per bushel and a 39 percent bypass protein. With the double press system, the oil yield is slightly over 1 gal. per bushel.
  3. The 2 press system doubles the output capacity of a single press.
  The Walder’s feed bean meal to their Black Angus herd every year with great success over purchasing commercial pellets for protein. The Walders’ also custom crush for 8 area dairy farmers and they all are repeat customers who are more than happy with the results.
  The company has also come up with a totally redesigned press for commercial 24 hr. use. Presently soybean oil is 53 cents a pound. A medium 8-ton press produces 8 to 10 gal. of oil per hour. At 7.7 lbs. per gal., the payback is $979 in 24 hrs., plus you have meal for your herd. This makes it easy to recover the cost of buying the presses and turn a profit. All large dairy farms that grow soybeans should be on board.
  Walder sells 6, 8, 18 and 24 ton presses. Individual presses work exceptionally well on sunflower, canola and camelina with the 24-ton unit producing up to 864 gal. of oil per day.
  Walder Mfg. has also developed the “trypsinator”, which makes commercial grade meal to be fed to hogs and poultry. The company hopes to have it in production by 2011.
   The most common question asked is “How do I burn the oil?” Walder Farms has burned 8,000 gal. of true bio-diesel from soybean oil with methanol and lye at a cost of only 53 cents per gal. to produce. They also have a business relationship with Dan McAmoil. Dan has a lot of experience growing sunflowers and researching a formula that involves adding gas instead of taking glycerin out. He has burned over 20,000 gal. of oil in his tractors.
  (For more detailed information about Dan’s work go to www.oilcrusher.5u.com or email pvffarm@ruraltel.net).
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Walder Mfg., 1525 S. County Rd. I, Wittenberg, Wis. 54499 (ph 715 454-6458; 715 581-1525; 715 581-5439; Ed’s email: waldermfg@wittenbergnet.net; Mark’s email: waldermfg@wi-net.com; www.waldermfg.com).

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