2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #31
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"ScratchnAll" Getting Rave Reviews
The Pennsylvania-based pet products company is getting rave reviews, and Martha Stewart’s pets are the ones behind it with several paws up. Their blog, The Daily Wag, is abuzz with the word that ScratchnAll self-grooming/scratching pad for a variety of animals – large and small – has hit the domestic diva’s New York farm with great success.
“I wanted to find a way for my horse to scratch under his chin,” says Cynthia Garry, inventor of interlocking, rubber-based 5 by 6-in. pads which can also bend over a corner. Not only are they perfect for chin scratching (when bent over the top of a Dutch door), they can be mounted on flat surfaces to scratch every part of the body of creatures of all sizes.
The 69-year-old senior entrepreneur admits she has been surprised how many uses her customers have found for her product. So far ScratchnAll has been purchased for 18 different animal species from barnyard animals to giraffes at zoos.
The 11-oz., 1-in. thick pads come in eight colors from bright purple to natural colors that blend in with the environment. The durable material won’t crack in the heat or cold. Each pad comes with four stainless mounting screws and washers, and they can be interlocked to create big vertical or horizontal scratching areas on stalls and walls.
“Put it where the animal is scratching now,” she suggests. “The animal finds it. I recommend that people do not put them on a post unless it’s very big and solid. Rubbing loosens posts.”
With 1/2-in. long nubs, Scratch ’n All pads are durable enough to give animals a satisfying scratch, yet are a safe alternative to trees, posts, and other possible hazards. Because of its unique design, it’s a great supplement to acupressure. Garry had one customer who ordered them after pulling a 2-in. wood sliver out of her horse. Many customers find them satisfying, too. One octogenarian has one, and he gets a little exercise doing knee bends while getting a good back scratch.
The $15.99 (with free shipping offer) pads are made in the U.S., and Garry pays members of a senior center to package them, which financially supports the center. After a bad experience manufacturing in China, Garry has become a strong advocate for products made in America. Garry says “if the small business person would realize the TRUE cost of doing business in China, manufacturing in America would grow.” The pads can be ordered on the website (with discounts for large orders).
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cynthia Garry, Scratch ’n All, P.O. Box 92, Dillsburg, Penn. 17019 (ph 888 972-7282; www. scratchnall.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12