2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #19
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Featherman Roto-Dunker Cuts Scalding Costs In Half
Back in 1996, David Schafer told FARM SHOW readers about his Amish neighbor’s inexpensive chicken plucker and said, “Somebody ought to develop it.”
Schafer sold $5 plans for the plucker for a few years, but no one stepped up to develop it, so he did in 1999. Today the demand for his poultry processing equipment at Featherman Equipment grows by 30 percent annually. Now, after years of experimenting with various pneumatic and mechanical dunking solutions to make scalding chickens completely automatic and completely foolproof, Featherman Equipment company has engineered an affordable and reliable automatic dunker cutting the price of dunking in half.
Coming out in 2012, the new Roto-Dunker is an attachment that fits on top of the Featherman scalder for hands-and-back-free scalding. Two stainless steel baskets holding up to 20 to 30 pounds each are turned by a light duty, geared-down motor. The consistency of the scald is unparalleled because only half the birds are in the scalder at any time and there is less yo-yoing of water temperature. There are no pinch points as the rotation easily stops in the event of an obstruction, making the Roto-Dunker absolutely safe.
At six rotations per minute there is no need for a timer, no need to worry about a start/stop switch. It scalds all sizes of birds as long as they fit in the basket, the operation is silent, and produces a consistent scald every time. The Roto-Dunker is like having an extra man in the processing crew.
If you make a down payment of $100 before January 1st 2012, Featherman will ship the roto-dunker for free - a $55 value!
For more information about the Roto-Dunker, call 660-684-6035. To see videos of the new Roto-Dunker in action check out the website at www.featherman.net.

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12