2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #19
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"Battery Maintenance In A Bottle"
Battery Equaliser was developed over 25 years ago and it can double the life of any lead-acid battery by reversing the built-up sulphation that kills batteries as they get older.
  As soon as electrolyte is added to a new battery, sulfation begins coating the lead plates. This causes internal resistance that lowers overall performance and, in a few years, chokes out all electrical activity. Battery Equaliser mixes with the battery’s electrolyte, dissolving existing sulfation and preventing new deposits from forming. This also stops build up at the bottom of the battery. Treated batteries will charge faster and hold a charge longer.

•  Doubles battery life
•  Faster charge and runs longer
•  Store your vehicle 3 times longer
•   A 12-oz. bottle sells for $19.95 plus S&H
(will treat 4 car batteries)

  Many thanks to FARM SHOW for featuring Battery Equaliser in the “Maintenance Shortcuts” section of the magazine. Battery Equaliser is now available in many ag retail locations. Battery Equaliser is made in
the USA. Retail & Distributor inquiries are welcome.

To order in the Northeastern U.S. contact:
Millport Distributing LLC, 805 Log Cabin Rd., Leola, Penn. 17540 (ph 717 626-2194).

National/International Sales, contact:
Battery Equaliser Manufacturing
888 851-4431• batteryequaliser.com

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