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Big Bale Handler For Your Stack Mover
You'll eliminate an extra tractor and lots of labor with the new Bonco big bale "fork" that turns most any stack mover into a first class, selfcontained big bale wagon.
The all-hydraulic fork attaches across the front of the stack mover, picking bales up "on the go" in the field, according to Jack Bontrager, inventor and president of Bonco Manufacturing, Jamestown, N. Dak., "You don't need to stack bales in the field first and then go pick them up," he notes.
The Bonco fork, with a reach of more than 10 ft., places two bales side by side on the stack mover, then adds a third bale on top. The bales then slide back, leaving room for three more.
Bontrager says the new handler will pick up bales of any size, and from any angle. There are two cylinders on the grappler itself - a 60-in. cylinder inside the main square tubed lifting arm, and a directional cylinder that moves the fork back and forth.
"Once loaded, you can unload bales all at once, or drop them off one by one. It'll drop them into feed bunks or grinders. In addition, when needed, you can pick up loose hay, 55-gal. drums, pull motors out of cars, or any number of things," says Bontrager.
He adds that the mover will adapt to virtually all stack movers, bolting with just four bolts across the front of the wagon. The company is also marketing a 3-pt. mounted version of the fork. The new bale handler sells for around $3,950.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bonco, Mfg., Box 102, Jamestown, N. l3ak. 58401 (ph 701 252-8125).

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