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Simple Brace Holds Roof Ladder Steady
FARM SHOW subscriber Pat Olive came up with a simple solution to secure a ladder on the roof, using a brace made out of scrap lumber.
  When he needed to repair leaks and fix popped nails on his shed roofs, he made a simple ladder brace. The top is a narrow platform made of two 2 by 6 boards. Its attached to two long 2 by 4s cross-braced with 1 by 4s.
  One concern was that the top part might lift up away from the roof, Olive says. This was solved by attaching a light check chain near the top of each 2 by 4. The free ends of the chains are temporarily screwed to the side of the shed thus preventing any upward movement of the brace.
  Olive used 7-ft. long 2 by 6s that he had on hand, which allows him to work on 12 ft. of the roof at a time.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pat Olive, 6560 340th St., Stacy, Minn. 55079 (ph 651 462-1691).

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