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4-Wheeled Welder Cart
Roger Foster, Tower Hill, Ill.: “I needed a way to move my wire welder and tanks around the shop, and occasionally outside. So I used the running gear and frame from an old riding mower to build a 4-wheeled welder cart.
  “The running gear is built heavy enough to support the welder and my argon and carbon dioxide tanks. The real advantage is the mower’s big rubber wheels roll easily across gravel, so if I need to I can take the cart outside. The rubber wheels roll a lot better than the hard plastic wheels found on most commercial welder carts.
  “I stripped the riding mower down to the wheels, axles and frame and welded a metal box on back of the frame to hold the welder. The tank sets in a welded-on round metal tray, and is supported about halfway up by a U-shaped metal bracket with a chain welded onto it. The bracket is welded to the top of the mower’s steering column. I replaced the mower’s steering wheel with a handle made from 1-in. dia. tubing.”

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