2011 - Volume #35, Issue #6, Page #22
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Custom-Made Deer Gambrel Doubles As Wall Decor

“It makes a great hanger for slaughtering deer and also doubles as a beautiful piece of wall decor to display in your hunting den,” says Rowan Fay, Summerfield, Fla., about his custom-made, wooden deer “gambrels”.
  Fay is an evangelist and missionary who’s widely known for his public speaking. He’s currently pastoring in Summerfield, Fla. He uses a magic marker to sign his name in the middle of each gambrel, and then stains and finishes the wood. Each gambrel also has its own serial number.
  The gambrel measures 2 1/2 ft. long and is designed to mount on a 30-in. long, 6 to 8-in. high mounting board (supplied). The gambrel comes with pre-drilled holes for 3 hooks – a shoulder hook at each end and a hook at the center. The mounting board also comes with pre-drilled holes that accept 3 shoulder hooks. Metal clips go on back of the mounting board for hanging on a wall.
  After killing a deer you remove the gambrel from the board and use the center hook to hang the gambrel from a roof beam, and then hang the deer on the gambrel’s shoulder hooks. Once the deer has been skinned and cut up, just wash the gambrel and hang it back on the board.
  “It adds to a hunter’s home atmosphere and helps preserve memories of the hunt long after the season has ended,” says Fay. “I started making gambrels many years ago because I needed something to hang my deer on. My first ones were ugly, but functional. Then some of my hunting buddies started asking me to make gambrels for them so I added my signature. Over the years I’ve made a total of 575 gambrels, shipping them all over the U.S. and to foreign countries.”
  No two gambrels are alike. “I consider each one a work of art, like an artist putting his signature on a photo,” says Fay. “The board is always made from spruce, but the gambrel itself can be made from a variety of wood types. My favorite is sea grape, which can only be found in Florida. I look for tree limb wood because the bend in it shows up in the curvature of the grain.”
  Each gambrel comes in a kit that includes the gambrel, mounting board, and all necessary hooks. Sells for $50 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rowan Fay’s Gambrels, 17451 S.E. 66th Ave., Summerfield, Fla. 34491 (ph 352 307-2522; rjfay2@centurylink.net).

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2011 - Volume #35, Issue #6