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Build yourself a safe storage vault
You can build yourself a safe storage vault right in the basement of your home that's virtually fire and burglar proof, thanks to new do-it-yourself foundation safe kits, introduced by Defiant Safe Inc., of Dallas, Texas.
Available in two models The Silo and The Cavern they're made of -in. thick, high density steel and are designed for installation in the concrete floor in a corner of your basement floor. You simply roll back the carpet, knock a hole in the concrete, set in the safe, then pour new concrete around it. You then roll the carpet back into place to hide the safe and its contents, making it virually undetectable to would-be burglars. And, even if they should find it, it's designed to resist attack by prying or wedging.
On new construction, you position the safe, then pour concrete around it as the new basement floor is poured.
Each safe comes equipped with a "safe seal" which keeps it free of moisture and debris during installation. A steel cover conceals the safe under the carpet. The lift-out door head features a four-number combination lock that's chrome plated for long life. Independently-triggered relocking bolts inside the head provide an extra barrier to attempted burglary. They're activated automatically if an intruder uses force against the pressure-sensitive door head, the manufacturer points out.
"The Silo" version is 22 in. high, 8 in. in dia. and weighs 65 lbs. It retails for $239. "The Cavern" is 12 in. high, 12 in. in dia. and 12 in. deep. It weighs 85 lbs. and retails for $329. "The Cavern is our best seller since it sells for only $90 more than the Silo, yet has twice as much storage capacity," notes Joe Linville, sales manager. The interior of both models is lined with velvet-like flocking to protect delicate valuables.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Defiant Safe Inc., 3210 Beltline, Suite 114, Dallas, Texas 75234 (ph toll free 1-800 225-2984).

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