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Barrel Trap Catches Thieving Raccoons
If your live trap isnít working to catch pesky raccoons, Mike Toppen suggests slipping the trap inside a plastic barrel. Thatís what he did when raccoons were getting into his sweet corn. With just the live trap, he had a lot of misses. The raccoon played with the bait from the outside of the trap, or wasnít in the trap far enough to get caught when the door shut. In the morning, Toppen would find the trap snapped, but empty.
  ďI havenít had one misfire,Ē he says, since putting the trap in a barrel. He laid 4 by 4 timbers under each side so the barrel wonít roll. The raccoon has to go in to get to the bacon grease, tuna juice or other bait that Toppen uses.
  ďI got 6 or 8 raccoons right away and didnít have any problems with them getting into my corn after that,Ē he says.
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