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Trailer Takes Flowers To Market
“Our flower trailer lets my wife haul flowers to our local farmer’s market without needing any help from me,” says Chuck Schreiber, Calabesh, N.C.
  Schreiber started with a flatbed trailer that measures 8 1/2 ft. long by 4 ft. wide and has a plywood floor. He added 28-in. high wooden sides made from 1 by 4 treated lumber, with a swing-out “gate” on back. He also installed 14-in. wide fold-out shelves on each side for displaying potted flowers and hanging baskets. When folded out, triangle-shaped metal brackets support the hinged shelves.
  “It works slick. My wife uses a garden tractor to pull the trailer to our farmer’s market which is just a couple of blocks away,” says Schreiber. “I came up with the idea because my wife loves to grow flowers, and this year she wanted to sell her excess at the farmer’s market instead of at our home. I spent less than $100 to build it.
  “To keep everything dry, I made a camper top for the trailer that pins onto the sideboards and is supported by wooden struts at the middle and top. It can be quickly folded down and removed for storage.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chuck Schreiber, 767 Persimmon Rd., Calabash, N.C. 28467 (ph 910 579-6846; cell 910 209-6737; lr2116@aol.com).

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