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Run Gas Motors On Propane
Propane conversion kits are common, but bi-fuel kits are not. The new Green Conversion Kit lets you convert a wide variety of 4-cyl. gas engines to propane while retaining the option of running on gas.
“Our kit fits like a gasket between the carburetor and the engine with an intake for propane and a second one for gas,” explains Jon Richmond, Run Propane, a division of PumpBiz, Inc. “If you run out of propane, just turn off the propane valve and turn the inline gas valve back on.”
Richmond says the advantages of propane make it very attractive on small engines and large. Unlike gas-fueled engines, propane engines produce no carbon monoxide or other toxic gasses. Another advantage is reduced maintenance and extended engine life and performance.
“Propane burns about 80 percent cleaner than gas with no carbon emissions and is, on average, 40 percent less expensive than gas,” says Richmond. “Landscapers who have converted equipment say they see a return on investment in about 3 to 4 weeks.”
And propane doesn’t go bad, he notes. “Propane is ideal for generators or seasonal equipment,” says Richmond. “Leave an engine sit for months with gas in it, and it breaks down, often gumming up the engine. With ours, everything stays clean, and engines that are gummed up often clean up when run on propane.”
Run Propane offers about 20 different adapters to fit a wide variety of engines from 1 to 45 hp in size. Customers are asked for engine brand, model and the type of equipment.
“Our 20 adapters are fairly universal and can be used on 100 different engines,” says Richmond. “We have them for single barrel carburetors and double barrel as well.”
Installation is simple. The kit consists of a regulator system, fuel supply line and intake adapter. Because the adapters don’t require engine modification, they also don’t affect warranty.
“If you have a problem with the engine, simply remove the adapter and take the engine in for service,” says Richmond.
Run Propane offers special brackets to hold 1-lb. cylinders on weed whips and 5-lb. units on walk behind lawn mowers. Stationary engines, such as those on generators, when equipped with adapters can even connect directly to larger propane tanks.
New, refillable 1-lb. propane bottles from Manchester Tanks make the conversion systems even more economical (see story below). Propane users will be able to refill their own 1-lb. bottles.
The Green Conversion Kits are priced at $252 each. Run Propane estimates payback on the units at 8 weeks or less, depending on use.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Run Propane, 1945 Techny Road, Unit 7, Northbrook, Ill. 60062 (ph 224 406-8711; www.runpropane.com).

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