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You'll Like This Livestock Scale
If you raise cattle, hogs or sheep, you'll be interested in the new "go anywhere" Johnson livestock scale. It's long and narrow (15 in. wide and 6 ft. long) and can be laid in the bottom of a squeeze chute or in an alleyway to weigh individual animals as they come through. Or, you can toss it in the back of your pickup to take along to auctions, pastures, livestock shows or wherever needed.
Regardless of where an animal stands on the 6 ft. long platform, the new-style scale gives an accurate reading. "If you had a 1000lb0 weight the size of a package of cigarettes, you could set it at any point on the platform and it would give a correct reading within 1/z of 1%," B. T. Johnson, inventor and manufacturer, told FARM SHOW.
Heart of the new-style scale, which has up to 3000 lbs. weighing capacity, is a hydraulic loading cell and sensitive dial-type gauge which gives a direct, easy-to-read reading. To get accurate weighing, regardless of where the load is positioned on the platform, Johnson devised a patented framing mechanism inside the scale. It consists of 4 welded-in-place guide rods, 2 along each side, which accurately transfer weight to the centrally located load cell. The load cell is made of aluminum and is sealed to make it completely weather proof. There are no cables, springs or other parts to wear out, rust out, or to bog down in rain, snow or dust. The scale is entirely mechanical and does not require any electricity or batteries to operate, and rain doesn't adversely affect it. "The scale could even stand in water without adversely affecting its operation or accuracy," explains Johnson.
To get ready for weighing, the operator adjusts the dial to zero. He can read the dial from a distance and judge a market-ready animal's weight within 2 lbs., Johnson points out.
Cost of the scale is $495.00 fob. Dealers and distributors are being established, or the unit can be purchased factory direct in areas not yet served by dealers.
Johnson also offers a portable scale-chute combination unit. For weighing, it has a scale (26 in. wide and 81/2 ft. long) mounted in the floor.' For use as chute, one end of the floor is hand winched to a height of about 3 ft. to bring it to the level of a truck bed. The unit can't be used to load and weigh simultaneously since the scale has to remain relatively level for accurate operation.
For more details on the portable Johnson scale, or the scale-chute combination unit, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, B. T. Johnson Scale, North Battleford, Sask., Canada, S9A 1K8.

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