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Adjust Planting Rate On-The-Go
You can adjust planting rate "on the go" to adjust for changes in soil type and other variables, thanks to the new "affordable" Var-A-plant monitor from Custom Products, Litchfield, Minn.
Initially available only for Deere 7000 series planters, it will be available for most other popular makes and models, including the IH Cyclo planter, later this spring, the manufacturer points out.
The Var-A-Plant is easily connected to the central transmission box. You simply dial the desired population and the devise automatically takes over to maintain the particular rate which you have specified. It will instantly increase or decrease seed population from zero to 25% in increments of 5%. It continuously monitors and automatically corrects any deviation from your dial setting.
Here, according to Gary Mattila, of Custom Products, are some obvious advantages of the new monitor, which provides "on the go" planting rate adjustments without having to stop to change gears or sprockets:
For thinner soils on hills, you can dial a light planting rate, then switch back to a heavier population for heavier soils on lower ground. You can automatically adjust for changes in cropping history throughout the field, thus compensating for varying fertility levels. For farmers who irrigate using center pivots, the device makes it possible to instantly change the population rate when planting those areas of the field which won't be within reach of the center pivot.
Mattila emphasizes that the VarA-Plant provides "on the go" changes in plant population, but does not perform the function of a regular monitor which tells you if each row unit is dropping seed.
Suggested retail is $995.
For more details, contact, FARM SHOW Followup, Var-A-Plant, Custom Products of Litchfield, Box 718, Litchfield, Minn. 55355 (ph. 612-693-3221 or 2897).

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