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"See-Through" Bucket Fork
"I don't know what I'd do without it," says Chad Travis, Drasco, Ark., about his "made-it-myself" see-through bucket-fork.
    It measures 5 ft. wide at the bottom, 6 ft. wide at the top, and 2 ft. high on back. A series of 3-ft. long forks, sharpened to a point and spaced 6 in. apart, fit into slots on front. The back side of the unit is made from metal grating that's welded to a frame made from 2 by 3 tubing.
    A 6-in. wide, 3/8-in. thick metal plate goes all the way across the bottom, then tapers upward on both sides at an angle to support a pair of short tines located about 1 ft. above and 1 ft. outside the forks.
    The rock bucket can be used together with a home-built, hydraulic-operated, L-shaped "squeezer clamp", which pins onto angle iron brackets welded across the top of the bucket. Made from 3-in. sq. tubing, the clamp comes with a 3-spiked steel jaw that's used to hold objects in place.
    "The grating on back of the bucket makes it easy to see what I'm doing," says Travis. "It works well to scoop up most anything except sand and gravel. In fact, my solid-sided bucket sits idle most of the time. I've used it to scoop rocks, limbs, logs, scrap iron, tires and so forth. Over the years I've moved more than 2,000 tons of rocks with it.
    "I do commercial bush hogging and don't go anywhere without my rock picker. I've taken out a lot of cedar trees under 5 in. in diameter. I use the forks to rip the trees out, roots and all. I've also used it to dig out a lot of hedges.
    "It works great for forking up tree limbs and brush. Even without the squeezer clamp, the brush gets caught under the bucket's outside tines so it won't fall off. It also works well to fork loose hay and manure in a pasture where I feed round bales."
    Travis uses the squeezer clamp to block up logs when cutting firewood. "I slide the forks under the log and clamp down on top. I can raise the log to a comfortable height and cut wood without having to bend over."
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chad Travis, 574 Greers Ferry Rd., Drasco, Ark. 72530 (ph 870 668-3400).

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