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He Doesn't Like WD-40
If ever there was an overrated and misused product, it's WD-40. The name says it all "Water Displacement, trial number 40". It's made from petroleum distillates and designed to displace water from vehicle wiring. Read the label. Nowhere does it say it contains oil. It's not a lubricant. I have found it's good for cleaning off oil and grease. Doesn't this tell you that it is not an oil itself? As a former production foreman, I stopped workers from spraying metal parts with WD-40 as a protectant before shipping them. The parts would begin to rust after a short while. We switched to a true preservative lubricant - end of problem. Another time, a machine operator told me a limit switch on his machine was sticking, even though he had sprayed it 5 times with WD-40. I sprayed it with a real lubricant and it stopped sticking right away.
  I got a can of WD-40 as a retirement present because I badmouth it so much. I do use it for instance recently on the wiring of a tractor I suspected of shorting out due to being wet. The tractor started right up afterwards. (Robert Thomas, Butler, Penn.)

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