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$150 Teat Foamer
Andrew and Ron Jamison are saving the family dairy $3,500 to $4,000 per year with their $150 teat foamer.
"We looked at a commercial foamer, but it would have cost $1,500 to $1,800 plus a compressor," says Andrew Jamison. "Ours cost us less than a tenth of that. Even with the compressor our total price was around $350."
The Jamisons milk 100 head and previously used teat dip on their cows. They went through a 55-gal. barrel each month. Now the same teat dip barrel lasts a year with the addition of air pressure.
"We bought a hand pump foamer designed for smaller herds and modified it," says Andrew. "It had all the components we needed, but had to be pumped up after every second or third cow."
The Jamisons installed a pressure gauge and pumped it up by hand to establish the maximum pressure they could use. It topped out at 10 psi. They then installed an air chuck to hook the compressor to the tank and a pressure release valve to keep air pressure under the 10 psi maximum.
"We made a needle valve out of stainless steel with one tube to the bottom of the tank to pull fluid and the second one flush with the top of the tank for air flow," says Andrew. "We ran two hoses from the needle valve to the wand gun so the air and fluid mix at the gun."
The needle valve allows the Jamisons to adjust the air-to-fluid mix with more air for a drier foam. While they could have mixed the fluid and air at the tank, the needle valve gives them more control over the foam.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Andrew & Ron Jamison, 886 Old Forge Rd., Callaway, Va. 24067 (ph 540 420-8305).

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