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Energy-Saving Radiant Barrier Also Cuts Noise Levels
Packing boxes in a hot attic started Mike McDonald on a quest to create a better radiant barrier for homes and commercial buildings. The Lubbock, Texas, resident developed a product called TruProtect that reduces energy costs by keeping buildings cool or warm and much more.
  Because of the dead air zones in TruProtect's layers, the sheets also suppress noise. In addition they cut down on hail damage and offer bug and fire resistance.
  TruProtect's patented design includes laminated layers of aluminum and corrugated board 95 percent of which consists of recycled non-hazardous materials. After the sheets are cut and placed on a roof or wall with roofing tacks, self-tapping screws or adhesives, the seams are sealed with aluminum tape, with 6-in. gaps left every 10 ft. to allow for condensation to escape.
  "The dirtiest secret about radiant barriers is that they often become useless because dust gets on them. TruProtect has multiple reflective layers that keep our product reflective," McDonald says, noting sheets he installed 8 years ago are still effective.
  The product comes in a couple forms. The 4 by 8-ft. sheets are designed to install on roofs (under shingles) and on interior or exterior walls.
  "They are not designed to be an exterior covering. They need to be covered with shingles, siding, bricks or stucco," McDonald notes. They can be used as a covering inside however, and customers can paint, texture or stucco it. Some people even like the aluminum look.
  The sheets come in three thicknesses. The 1/4-in. version has 4 layers and is just a radiant barrier at $27.95/sheet. The thicker versions provide noise proofing and all the other benefits. The 1/2-in. has 7 layers and costs $55.95/sheet, and the 1-in. has 13 layers and runs $104.50/sheet.
  "The cost seems small considering they reduce heating and cooling bills by 30 to 60 percent on average," McDonald says. "The 1-in. sheets are so tough you can drive a truck over them."
  TruProtect also offers ceiling tiles in 1/2 and 1-in., precut 2 by 2-ft. or 2 by 4-ft. sizes for drop ceilings. Cost for the 1/2-in. thick tiles is about $3/sq. ft., and they can be ordered in any color.
  Customers' applications have ranged from a homeowner putting TruProtect sheets in the back of her kitchen cupboards to prevent the cold seeping through poorly insulated exterior walls, to the FBI lining laboratory walls and ceilings with TruProtect to reduce radio waves that affect sensitive equipment.
  The sheets have been sold to customers as far north as Canada and as far south as Florida and Texas. It has been installed on poultry and hog barns and has greatly reduced the cooling costs for one customer's show cattle barn.
  Whether it's three sheets or more than 500 sheets, McDonald says his company can provide products for any custom application. Check out the company's website for installation and other videos that explain TruProtect.
  The sheets are Energy Star rated and eligible for income tax credits or LEED points.
  Contact: Farm Show Followup, TruProtect, Mike McDonald, 7012 Cedar Ave., Lubbock, Texas 79404 (ph 877 219-5616; www.truprotect.com).

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