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Satellite Dish Makes Great Fenceline Feeder
Gordon Benson, Lake Tomahawk, Wis., used an old aluminum satellite dish to make a cover for his round bales.
  "We came up with the idea because we wanted to protect our grass hay from the weather," says Benson. "We had to drill small drain holes on the dish's outside rim so it wouldn't collect water and serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And every time we wanted to put a round bale in we had to lift the entire feeder up. We tried hinging the dish to one side of the feeder's top rail, but it was too flimsy to work well in the wind."
  To solve the problem, he took one section out of the 3-section feeder and lag screwed the remaining 2 sections to a couple of treated posts, which he cut from an old electric line pole. A length of hog panel on front of the feeder helps keep the bale in place and also prevents deer from getting into the hay.
  "To load a bale, we just remove the panel and use a front-end loader to shove the bale in. It eliminates the need to open gates or make tractor tire tracks in the pasture when the ground is soft, because we just slide the bale in from outside the pasture. It works so slick we're building 2 more feeders the same way," notes Benson.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gordon J. Benson, Cedar Springs British White Cattle, 7630 Fawn Lake Road, Lake Tomahawk, Wis. 54539 (ph 715 277-3208).

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