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Generator Transforms Garden Tractor Into Power Plant
Joe Gezel and Brad Ross invented a generator that's powered by the motor on your riding lawn mower or garden tractor. Instead of buying a generator that may sit unused for years and not start or run when you need it, the Iowa partners suggest a generator can be one more useful attachment like a snow blower, blade or tiller for your garden tractor.
  "It fits on virtually all models of mowers," Gezel says of the New Millennium Power Generator. You just slide the mower deck out; slide the generator into place, slip on the belt and tension with a ratchet strap. Takes less than 5 min.
  You set the throttle between 110 to 115 volts per the indicator gauges (half to 2/3's throttle), and the governor takes care of the load.
  "It's rated at 10,000 watts with multiple 120/240 volt outlets," Gezel says.
  "The uniqueness of it is the ease of operation. It fits a market gap that's not currently being addressed," Brad Ross adds, noting the generator is simple to hook up without assembly or special tools.
  The 148-lb. generator rolls like a 2-wheel cart and can be stored upright in the garage.
  Gezel, who worked for highline contractors chasing storms, witnessed the devastating losses of people without power after tornadoes, ice storms and other disasters. On the way to a ballgame, Ross mentioned there should be a way to use the engine in a riding mower something many homeowners own or plan to purchase. Ten months later the partners were talking to a patent attorney.
  "On our last test, it ran 36 hrs. continuous using 3/4-gal. of fuel per hour to produce 8,500 continuous watts and 30 amps. Two horsepower per kilowatt is recommended (20 hp) but its design will allow it to produce power in direct relationship to the horsepower provided," Gezel says. He adds that the generator has an 85 percent continuous rating, staying at 61 hertz, which is important for safe operation of electronics.
  The 10,000-watt, New Millennium Power Generator sells for $1,299, available through the partners' website and at VanWall Energy dealerships. It's compact, lightweight and easy to ship.
  The partners are open to adding dealerships and are developing options for hydraulic-orbit drive and pto drive.
  For now they are getting the word out to people who own riding mowers.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Joe Gezel, 509 W. Clinton, Indianola, Iowa 50125 (ph 515 238-4543; www.housepowergenerator.com).

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