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Animals Are More Than Meat
If your local farm organization, club or school has been looking for someone to speak up against animal rightists, listen to what Billie Hart has to say:
"What animal rights advocates, vegetarians and others don't realize is that we could not survive without the by-products of livestock. Most of these "humanitarians" don't realize that, although they may not eat meat, they're consuming livestock products every day. Some animal by-products include: shoe polish, soap, shampoo, marshmallows, asphalt, carbon steel, cement, baby lotion, baseballs, ball bearings, cardiac replacement valves, gelatin, many medicines, including insulin, and 90% of the material in every automobile.
Billie Hart was a housewife in Arizona in the middle 1970's with children in 4-H. She found that her youngsters became so attached to their show animals they had trouble giving them up to slaughter ¨ or harvest, as she now calls it. In looking for something she could say to make them feel better, she began researching uses for animal by-products. She contacted slaughter houses, chemical labs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and anyone else she could think of for information. It's likely no one else has ever researched the subject as completely, and she's made good use of what she's learned, speaking to audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada for the last five years while continuing her research.
"I also exhibit at fairs and trade shows where vegetarians often approach me, complaining about the slaughter of Šinnocent animals'. When they are through I simply explain to them that the paper cup of beer they are holding contains several animals products, including the wax on the cup and the paper it's made from. Then, I tell them that the beer itself contains beef enzymes to give it it's clear color, and sheep products for the suds on the top. They usually walk away."
Other products that make use of animal by-products include: Baseballs (cowhide on the cover, stitching from sheep's wax, tallow in the middle from lambs, rubber reinforced with steric acid from cattle), leather, buttons, handles, carbon steel (bones), film, cigarette papers (gelatin), chewing gum and candy (stearin), brushes, plaster, felt, insulation, textiles (hair), detergents, pesticides, foam, hydraulic oil and other oils, vitamins, adrenalin, heparin, thyroid tablets, hormones, epinephrin and insulin (it takes the pancreas glands from 60,000 cattle to make one pound of pure dry insulin, for example).
"Animal rightists fail to realize that farm animals are being harvested for the good of all and that they live on long after they die," notes Hart.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Billie Hart, 1273 S. Rice Road, #46, Ojai, Calif. 93023 (ph 805 646-1934).

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