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Thread Cleaners Clear Rust And Dirt Buildup
J.L. Findley, Letohatchee, Ala.: "I use hex nuts and bolts to make thread cleaners to clear rust and dirt buildup out of threads on any piece of equipment.
  "To clean the threads on a bolt, I use a hacksaw to cut all the way through one side of a nut so it will expand to fit onto the bolt. I screw it on using oil or WD-40 to lubricate. Passing the nut over the bolt several times is enough to clean off most bolts.
  "To make a thread cleaner out of a bolt, I cut an X' in the end of the threaded end of a bolt and use a file to taper the threads at that end of the bolt. Helps it slip into a rusted nut or engine fitting.
  "I do the same thing to make a spark plug hole thread cleaner. Just cut off the electrode on a spark plug and cut an X' in the threaded end, file it down a bit, and insert into the hole to clear it out."

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