2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #61
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Dual PTO For Stationary Engines
Why settle for either 540 or 1,000 rpm pto shafts on stationary engines when you can have both? Heavy-duty Tayloria dual output gearboxes are available from Beiler Engine & Manufacturing.
"Our first prototype was installed in the fall of 2003, and it's still working," says Beiler. "Many tractors have the option of the two speeds. This gearbox lets stationary engines have that option, too. A great way to make use of that idle engine. Saves you an extra tractor. Our customers use them on both mobile and stationary power sources for use with irrigation pumps, manure pumps, silage blowers and many other uses."
Beiler says the dual output unit is rated for up to 175 hp at three engine speeds - 1,800, 2,150 and 2,400 rpm's. The cast iron clutch housing is available in sizes no. 4, no. 3, no. 2 and no. 1.
He says the unit is simple to install and fits most SAE standard diesel engines. The unit is available with 10 in., 11 1/2-in. single or 11 1/2-in. double plate mechanical clutches.
Beiler says they also offer a single output unit that's rated at up to 250 hp. It has only one set of gears and can be run at either 1,000 or 540 rpm's, depending on the needs.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Beiler Engine & Mfg., LLC, 1630 Georgetown Rd., Christiana, Penn. 17509 (ph 717 529-6595).

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2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10