2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #50
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"Dandelion Dobber" Makes Weed-Killing Easy
Reduce the amount of pesticide released into your yard and the environment. Too much is getting into our lakes, streams, and rivers.
  The "Dandelion Dobber" can help. It treats individual weeds by dabbing on a small amount of liquid weed killer.
  "If you spend a lot of time chasing down dandelions in your front yard, you'll like this new tool," says inventor Paul Johnson of Lake Crystal, Minn. "It eliminates the need for any spraying or digging and greatly reduces the amount of pesticide released into the environment. No stooping or bending is necessary."
  The unit consists of a 4 1/2-ft. long, 3/4-in. dia. pvc pipe with a spring-loaded pump at the bottom end. To use it, you simply press the Dobber down over a weed to release some chemical.
  The Dobber contains a small, spring-loaded pump made from brass tubing. When you press down on the Dobber it pushes up on the valve, causing the tube to draw in a small amount of liquid which comes out of the hole in the Dobber.
  "Works great with Roundup, Weed-B-Gone, and any other herbicide," says Johnson. "Full strength vinegar can also be used as it will kill dandelions and thistles very similar to weed killer. It can also be used to spoon feed fertilizer products, such as Miracle Grow, directly at the base of young plants."
  Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a free brochure.Sell for $20 plus $10 S&H. Total: $30.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Johnson, 203 South Main, Apt. 108, Lake Crystal, Minn. 56055 (ph 507 726-2406).

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2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10