2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #20
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Pressurized Exhaust Kills Burrowing Rodents
In 2005, Allen Hurlburt invented a system that uses the carbon monoxide from pressurized engine exhaust to kill rodents such as gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, moles and voles.
"The odorless, colorless carbon monoxide in exhaust is extremely lethal," said Hurlburt. When injected into rodent burrows under pressure, the rodent is surrounded by carbon monoxide before it has a chance to block the burrow or escape.
The carbon monoxide is generated by the system's internal combustion engine that drives a compressor. The captured gas is cooled from 700? to 100? through a set of stainless steel cooling coils and diverted into the intake port of a compressor. The compressor pumps the exhaust gasses into the pressure tank, pressurizing it to 110 psi. The PERC 412 model is a 4-hose, trailer-mounted unit with ATV tires and a 13 hp gas engine, while the "PERC 206," is a 2-hose, skid-mounted unit with a 6.5 hp gas engine. The 206T is a trailer-mounted 206. Both are made to pull behind an ATV, and leave no tracks in growing crops or on golf courses or parks.
In 2009 H & M Gopher Control introduced a new model, the PERC 620. With a 20 hp Kohler V Twin driving a V-4 Champion compressor, the PERC 620 is designed for the custom operator and the big acreage ranches.
"We've shipped models nationwide and to much of central Canada," says Hurlburt. Totally automated, the PERC system is safe to use for the operator since there's no poison bait or explosions involved. "No other control method is as effective, efficient and inexpensive as ours," Hurlburt says.
A PERC system can treat moderately infested alfalfa fields at about 3.5 acres per hour with a single operator, he adds. Each probed location requires only one to two minutes of injection time.
The PERC 412 sells for $7,249, the PERC 206 is priced at $4,595, PERC 206T sells for $4,995, and the PERC 620 is $12,950, plus S&H.
"Most of our customers are alfalfa producers, but the PERC system has also been very successful in orchards and vineyards," Hurlburt says. (U.S. Patent No.:7,581,349 Issued 9/1/2009).
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, H & M Gopher Control, Allen Hurlburt and Virginia Massey. 1979 County Road 106 Tulelake, Calif. 96134 (Ph 530 667-5181; hurlburt@cot.net; www.handmgophercontrol.com).

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