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Pop Bottle "Deer Rattler"
"I call it my deer rattler. It's an effective but simple way to keep deer out of any garden," says Elroy Lindaas, Mayville, N. Dak.
††††He simply pushes a metal electric fence post into the ground and then places a 20-oz. plastic pop bottle upside down on top of the post.
††††"Just the slightest breeze will cause the bottle to rattle," says Lindaas. "It works because deer have very sensitive ears and get scared off by the rattling noise. I haven't had any deer come near our garden since I started using this method. I usually use two or more rattles per garden, depending on the size of the garden."
††††Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Elroy N. Lindaas, 735 Ż 153rd Ave. N.E., Mayville, N. Dak. 58257 (ph 701 786-3064).

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