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404 International D.U.I. Distributor For Equipment Ignition Systems
Steve Davis, Performance Distributors, (ph 901 396-5782; www.PerformanceDistributors.com): "Our new 404 International D.U.I. Distributor is the latest breakthrough in equipment ignition systems. The Davis Unified ignition is a one-piece, one-wire distributor. The high output Dyna-Module and 50,000-volt D.U.I. coil are located inside the distributor, making it virtually water, mud, and vibration proof."
  The Dyna-Module and D.U.I. Coil work in tandem to produce a longer duration spark, allowing you to open up your plug gaps to .055. This burns your fuel more completely. The D.U.I. performs without a ballast resistor. Full voltage goes straight to your combustion chamber. Performance Distributors calibrates every D.U.I. on a distributor machine with a very accurate timing curve throughout the entire rpm range. This ensures instant throttle response when you "step on it."

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2010 - Volume #34, Issue #2