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Machine Makes Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air
Forget hauling big bottles of water around. You can pull fresh drinking water right out of the air with a Dewpointe DH9 dehumidifier.
  The technology of dehumidification isn't new, explains Stephen Krauss, Ph.D., CEO for Atmospheric Water Systems, Inc. But AWS's latest system makes it convenient for consumers to make their own pure drinking water.
  The system works best when there's at least 35 percent humidity in the air, Krauss says. At 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 percent relative humidity, the Dewpointe creates more than 4 gal. of pure water a day. In optimum conditions, it can produce up to 8 gal. of drinking water in a 24-hr. period.
  The unit pulls air in through filters to remove airborne contaminants. Then it's chilled, condenses on coils and the water goes through a series of filters including activated carbon, sediment and UV light.
  "Water from the Dewpointe is 99.9 percent pure," Krauss says. "It has a sensor and the unit shuts down when it's full. The UV light remains on to keep the water fresh."
  AWS offers two different consumer home atmospheric water systems. The DH9 has a 3.6-gal. reservoir and offers hot and cold water. The DH9X produces only cold water from a 4.8-gal. reservoir.
  "It's a perfect size for a family of four," Krauss says.
  Both cost $1,595 plus shipping. The filters and the UV bulb need to be changed annually and cost less than $75.
  "A few different aspects of the Dewpointe hit home with our customers," Krauss says. "There's the health aspect of wanting safe water. Others want to go green, and the Dewpointe extracts water from a renewable source. Another aspect for people is to be able to make water in an emergency situation."
  Cost for the electricity to produce water runs between 15 and 25 cents/gal. During dry atmospheric periods, the Dewpointe unit can be plumbed to filtrate tap water.
  AWS is working on a solar source to power the units as well as manufacturing commercial units that produce 50 to more than 2,500 gal. of water a day.
  Check out the website for dealers in your area. Dealer inquiries are welcome.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Atmospheric Water Systems, Inc., 189 Cross St., San Luis Obispo, Calif. 93401 (ph 866 857-5074; www.aws-h2o.com).

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