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Sickle Blade "Grabbers" Feed Crop Through Faster
The crop flows into Stephen Carpenter's combine faster and smoother since he installed his sickle blade-style grain grabbers. Carpenter had heard about "grabbers" that could be installed between auger flights to let the reel run higher for less shattering. The idea is to make the crop feed more evenly to the center.

"I didn't want to spend money for the real thing, so I thought I would try single sickle blades instead," he says.

Originally, Carpenter had the blades spread out between the flights. But prior to last fall's harvest, he concentrated them in the center to feed crop material more aggressively.

Carpenter cut out the fingers originally found at the auger center. He welded about a dozen blades at roughly the same spacing as the old fingers.

"I was afraid they might shatter the grain or cause the crop to wind up around the auger," he says. "Instead they worked great. They seem to size the crop and feed it in smoother. Last fall I ran crop through my combine faster than ever."

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stephen Carpenter, 8305 Township Road 119 N.W., Somerset, Ohio 43783 (740 743-2902).

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