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Where To Buy Vegtable Farming Equipment
If you want to get into vegetable farming or expand existing acreage, a good place to start is Roeters Farm Equipment. The Michigan firm has become a nationwide supplier of quality new and used equipment for the trade and has begun selling internationally as well.
"We sell all across the U.S., and just yesterday I was working with a guy in Hungary who needed a sweet corn picker," says Mark Roeters, owner.
Go to Roeters' website, and you'll find every kind of used equipment from tillage to harvesters and in-field conveyers. Roeters also carries a variety of new equipment lines that are ideal for both entry level and experienced producers. A good example is the 12 MX Planter.
"It's ideal for the guy getting started without spending a lot of money," says Roeters. "You can get a one-row unit on a 3-pt. hitch for $1,100 compared to $3,000 a row for an air planter. It won't do the job of an air planter, but it's ideal for guys who are sick of planting by hand."
The 12 MX is equipped with different seed plates for planting everything from small Indian corn to large pumpkin seeds. Seed spacing can be adjusted from one to 18-in. The all-mechanical design and rugged, steel construction make a durable and effective planter. Multiple units can easily be ganged on a toolbar, says Roeters.
For small seeded vegetables, Roeters recommends the Planet Junior, another low priced planter. Like the 12 MX, it's a mechanical unit virtually unchanged for nearly 60 years. It comes in single row or ganged systems. Single row models cost $650.
"It will plant every kind of seed from turnips to soybeans," says Roeters. "With it and the 12 MX, a small grower has all of his crops covered."
Like the 12 MX, the Univerco Eco Weeder is available in one, two or multiple row units for 20 hp tractors and up. A single unit costs $4,100, but allows a driver and operator to cultivate up to 10 acres a day. The weeder lets the operator guide spinning tines alongside or between plants, depending on the speed of travel and plant spacing.
"It has been one of my hottest selling items in recent years," says Roeters.
The Veg Vayer crop conveyer can quickly pay for itself in reduced labor. While a new one starts at around $9,000, a good used one can be had for $3,500. It mounts to a tractor to gather crops from sweet corn to melon, zucchini and pumpkins. Field workers drop produce on the belt, reducing handling and transport in the field. The belt carries the produce to a gooseneck elevator that lifts it up and into a trailing wagon or cart. Veg Vayer lengths range from 21 to 31 ft.
Other used equipment carried by Roeters includes pull-type potato, onion and carrot harvesters. Transplanters vary from virtual antiques to the latest mulch planters and equipment to punch holes in laid plastic sheets.
A unique labor saver that Roeters makes and sells is the bag holder. Available as a single bag unit for $350 or a three-bag rotator for $1,100, the Bag Holder makes filling bags easy. Four spring loaded clips hold the bag in place while slowly lowering the bag to floor level as it fills, preventing bruising. The quick release clips work with poly, paper or mesh bags.
"With the three-bag rotator, one guy can attach bags, one fill and the third remove and tie," says Roeters. "It's completely adjustable and easy to move as needed."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roeters Farm Equipment, 565 E. 120th St., Grant, Mich. 49327 (ph 231 834-7888; sales@roeterfsfarmequipment.com).

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