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Backhoe Digs Out Big Tree Stump
Whoever planted that old maple tree 150 years ago had it in exactly the right place in relation to our house, but when the old tree had to go it was in exactly the wrong place for today.
  After cutting the tree down we had to get rid of the huge stump that was left. It was more than 5 ft. in diameter and really solid.
  The question was: Should we just grind the stump down or dig it out? Digging it out with a backhoe would make a mess, but once the ground was leveled off we'd be able to plant over it.
  Lester Hamlin, a local backhoe operator, told us the job would be messy but that he could do it. The ground was wet but he was able to keep the backhoe's wheels up on a solid nearby lane.
  We gave Hamlin the go ahead, and in an hour he had the stump out. After things dry out, we'll haul in fill dirt and get some grass growing.
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