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Super Efficient, Brighter Light Bulb
A new, brighter light bulb that's also super efficient is coming to market in 2010. The ESL (Electron Stimulated Luminescence) bulbs reportedly have all the advantages of the mercury-containing compact fluorescent bulbs without the drawbacks.
  Normal incandescent bulbs send the current through a filament to produce light. CFL's and standard fluorescents send current through mercury vapor. LED's send current through a semiconductor.
ESL's, on the other hand, accelerate electrons to make light. It creates the same light quality as an incandescent, but requires much less energy and promises a longer life.
According to a spokesman for the company, the new bulbs are superior to CFL and LED bulbs. "CFL's don't dim, require warm-up time, work poorly or not at all in cold environments. They'll also fail prematurely if turned on and off often," says Mark Prentice. "LED's perform better but are expensive, often $70 to $100 per bulb.
"ESL bulbs are instant on, cold and heat tolerant, fully dimmable and highly efficient," says Prentice. "A 19 to 20-watt ESL replaces a 65-watt incandescent."
Another advantage of ESL bulbs over CFL's is they're wastebasket friendly. CFL's contain mercury and require special handling and clean-up if broken.
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