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"Mad" Case IH Combine Owners Get New Concave
Case IH combine owners fed up with grain dockage can get a new MAD Concave from Skayman's Welding-Machining. Dallas Skayman says the concaves, which were designed for tough, hard-to-thresh grains and seeds, have a fitting name.
"When all else fails, these will work," he says. "The letters MAD stand for the people who designed it, but it also fits our customers. They are pretty fed up and hot under their collar with their original concaves."
The problem, he says, is that standard IH concaves don't thresh out the bits of stem and hull that stick to bottom kernels on wheat, bolls on flax, sprouted grains and other problem crops. While the problems vary by year and conditions, all too often the end result is dockage at the elevator.
"Our concaves weigh 57 lbs. compared to 43 to 55 lbs. for OEM concaves. Because they are more aggressive, with thicker and stronger steel, the operator can open up the cylinder, get greater capacity and travel faster. There's less space between the bars, reducing the chance of trash making it into the hopper."
The concaves are designed for IH 70, 80 and 90 series combines and cost $650 each. Skayman recommends replacing at least the front left and right concaves. For really tough threshing, he suggests replacing four concaves.
"With four you will get the best job done you can," he says. "In a normal year you may be able to get away with replacing only two, depending on conditions and the crop. Our growers see benefits in not only threshing out wheat and flax, but also oats, alfalfa and canary and in separating out sprouted grains."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Skayman's Welding-Machining, Box 362, Hamiota, Manitoba Canada R0M 0T0 (ph 204 764-2290).

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