2009 - Volume #33, Issue #5, Page #06
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Wagon Converted Into Portable Deer Stand

"I wanted an elevated tree stand so I found an old gravity flow wagon and converted it," says Max Dunlap, Zearing, Iowa, who used 2 by 4's, sheet metal, and plywood to do the job.
  The wagon is equipped with a plywood subfloor that provides room to stand and shoot through six 1-ft. sq. sliding plexiglass windows, which are built into the sides of a tall metal enclosure that sets atop the wagon. The walls are insulated, with heat provided by an LP propane heater. There's a hinged plywood door on front.
  "It's really handy. I use a pickup to move it around and set it in place about two weeks before the beginning of the deer hunting season so deer will get used to it," says Dunlap. "I built it because I got tired of sitting in the cold when hunting deer. Another advantage is that when the deer hunting season is over I don't have to tear anything down like I would with a commercial deer hunting stand.
  "I built it mostly from scrap metal and wood left over from a previous building project."
  He started with an old Parker 300-bu. gravity flow wagon and installed the plywood subfloor about 1 1/2 ft. from the top of the wagon where the wagon box starts to taper down. To build the floor he bolted a 2 by 4 frame around the inside of the wagon, screwed stringers across it, and then screwed plywood onto the stringers.
  The metal enclosure is screwed to a wooden frame that's bolted to the wagon's sides.
  "Deer don't pay any attention to the wagon. I've even seen them walk right up and step over the tongue," says Dunlap.  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Max Dunlap, Max's Auto, 73962-130th St., Zearing, Iowa 50278 (ph 641 487-7733).

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2009 - Volume #33, Issue #5