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New-Style Electric Fence Post
An electric fence post he designed in his farm shop has proven so popular that Canadian farmer Les Adamkiewicz spends most of his off-season time from farming building them commercially. The posts are made from 48 in. lengths of 3 in. angle iron cut square on one end for driving, and angled at the bottom end for easy penetration in the ground. Each post has holes drilled 2 in, and 18 in. from the top, with 11/9 in. machine bolts inserted into the holes. Standard insulators thread onto the bolts and lock around the angle iron.
"They're so simple and economical it's funny someone hasn't thought of making them before," Adamkiewicz told FARM SHOW. He has fenced his own cattle and horses with the posts, and says they'll work for most any kind of livestock. For horses, he makes a 5 ft. post.
For sheep, he drills four holes and attaches 4 insulators.
The posts are strong and sturdy in any situation, even as corner posts. And, if you want more support in the corners, you can drive several together for reinforcement.
Adamkiewicz points out that he has no patent on the posts and has freely shared the idea with anyone who wants to make his own. He has, however, built up a lively business selling the finished posts at $1.00 ea., F.O.B. Although designed for electric fencing, the posts are finding other uses. Small fruit growers, for example, have ordered them to use as supports for raspberries. They also have been used for grape arbors.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Les Adamkiewicz, Route 3, Brite, Ont., Canada N0) 1B0 (ph 519 632-7311).

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