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High Clearance Plow Virtually Plug-Proof
"It's virtually plug proof," says Cletis Guerts, inventor-manufacturer of a new high clearance plow equipped with new-style trash cutting coulters. "You can go right in behind the combine to plow under the stalks and residue from a bumper 200-bu. crop without having to chop, disk or otherwise touch the stalks. We've turned under 12-ft. high sudan grass without any trouble whatsoever."
Named the Plow King, the new plow boasts "far more vertical clearance than any other moldboard plow on the market," Guerts told FARM SHOW. On 18-in. bottoms, both the vertical clearance, and the fore and aft clearance, is 36 in. On 16 in. bottoms, vertical clearance is 36 in., and fore and aft clearance is 32 in.
"Vertical clearance above the plow bottoms is right at 18 in., far more than any other plow on the market," says Guerts.
The new plow's ability to walk through heavy trash without plugging stems from its high clearance, and the exclusive design of its coulters. Individual coulters pivot at plow frame height instead of at the end of the shank as with conventional coulters. "This design gives each coulter extra leverage for slicing through heavy trash," explains Guerts. "The coulter draws back and up at the same time, allowing it to slice through heavy trash rather than having the trash bunch up and push ahead of the blade."
Other key design features include an all-in-one clamping device that makes the plow stronger because the frame isn't weakened by holes drilled for conventional mounting, and a non-hydraulic trip mechanism on individual bottoms. The trips are spring loaded and available with fully automatic or semi-automatic (the plow has to be raised) reset.
The semi-mounted Plow King comes in 4, 5 or 6 16 in. or 18 in. bottoms, and the on land model is 6, 7, 8 or 9 16 in. or 18 in. bottoms.
Prices range from $4,100 to $11,500 for four 16's, to $11,500 for nine 18's. Coulters and trash cover boards cost extra.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Forage King Industries, Box 203. Ridgeland, Wis. 54763 (ph 713-949-1020).

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