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"Plug-Proof" MudSmith Gauge Wheels
The open design of MudSmith replacement gauge wheels keeps planters and air drills going in conditions where the original wheels would likely plug up with wet soil. South Dakota farmers Roger Smith, his brother Duane, and nephew Jacob came up with the original design and tested it out for several years before selling some to neighbors. Now they're marketing them for practically every brand in the field.
"We were under our corn planters and drills hundreds of times taking gauge wheels off and cleaning them out when we needed to be planting," recalls Roger Smith. "When conditions are bad, you have to do it again and again."
Smith points out that earlier planting dates and reduced tillage have added to the problem. Their new design with its open spokes eliminates the problem. It also opens up both access and visibility to disc opener hubs and scrapers.
"We've been running them on our own equipment for 3 1/2 years," he says. "We were surprised how well they worked. We've had no more issues with plugging. They're a 98 percent improvement over the original equipment. We designed them so you can use standard bearings and tires from your dealer."
The MudSmith units feature a cast iron hub and simplified bearing replacement. Smith notes that original equipment gauge wheels require removing the tires, splitting the rim, and removing bolts to get at the bearing.
"With the MudSmith, you just remove the snap ring and replace the bearing," says Smith. "We didn't intend to sell them when we first made them for ourselves, but the response has been terrific."
MudSmith gauge wheels are available in 3-spoke/4-in. tire, 3-spoke/2 1/2-in. tire, and 4-spoke/4-in. tire. Prices start at $125 for the hub and rim assembly. The completely assembled wheel ready to bolt on the planter is priced at $165.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, MudSmith, LLC, P.O. Box 83, Hazel, S. Dak. 57242 (ph 605 520-0617 or 605 881-4214; fax 866 593-6406; www.the mudsmith.com).

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