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These Tires Inflate Themselves
A revolutionary new system that keeps tires perfectly inflated at all times, without any outside power source or compressor, made its debut at the recent Society of Automotive Engineers' exhibition in Detroit. The tire exhibit attracted huge crowds every day and the company, headquartered in the Czech Republic, says the idea should start showing up on vehicles in the near future.
  The idea is deceptively simple. The tire has an air tube built into the sidewall, next to the bead. As the wheel turns while on the road, it works on the tube like a roller pump, continuously pumping air into the tire through a one-way valve. A "managing valve" in the tire lets air pressure out as needed to maintain perfect pressure at all times. If you need more air in the tire for hauling heavier loads, the valve can be adjusted to a higher level. Driving a couple miles will pump the tires up. (Coda Development, Taborska 51, 140 00 Prague, Czech Republic www.selfinflatingtire.com)

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